FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC) meets monthly in the Los Angeles area. There is no charge to attend meeting. Our monthly meetings are a local center for the exchange of technical information, discussion of timely topics, and for networking (people not computers). Please see below for current news or for more information, please view our About page.

We generally meet on the second Friday morning of each month. Our meetings are currently being held at the Bresee Youth Foundation, which is located at 184 S. Bimini Place in Los Angeles. You can find a map to their address here.

November 2009 Meeting Announcement

Hello again, FMDiSC members and FileMaker enthusiasts!

Our next meeting for FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC) will be Friday, November 13th, from 9:30AM to 1:00PM. If you've never been to one of our meetings before, just feel free to show up -- no need to RSVP. We'd love to see you at the meeting! New members are always welcome!

Our first presentation ALWAYS starts PROMPTLY at 10:00 AM SHARP, so please do not come late or you will MISS something very important! To accommodate for this, we'll be doing some quick housekeeping announcements at 9:50am and then we'll immediately dive into our first presentation PROMPTLY at 10:00am SHARP.Alexei Folger from FileMaker will kick things off with "File Recovery for Fun and Profit." For the next step in best practices evolution Alexei will concentrate on the new features of file recovery in FileMaker Pro 10, including what the various options do and don't do, and when you might want to use them. Most importantly, we will discuss the FileMaker developer's new best friend: recover.log, which can yield important insight into database corruption and what to do about it.

Lynn Allen will share a nice little trick using field comments, indirection and conditional formatting to have self-labeling fields on the layout. She will also review and expand upon the "fields as mini-calculators" tip she briefly touched on last meeting.

Jonathan Reff will demonstrate an interesting technique for storing temporary information in global variables. An example would be keeping track of what the user has selected in different windows. In some cases, this can effectively give you variables that are scoped to the window - something that FileMaker doesn't provide natively.

Last but not least, our first-ever FMDiSC Extended Networking Event. We see each other at meetings. We read each others' posts online. But how well do we know one another? Can we put together the name, the face, and the post? Do we know each other's skill sets in case we need help? This month, we will conduct a special networking session to learn more about our members. We will explore questions like: What are your strongest skills? What do you most enjoy doing as a FileMaker Developer? Do you want help with your development work or your business? What do you least like doing as a developer? What would you like to share with others that makes you unique?

You will not want to miss this opportunity to let others know more about you, and to learn even more about the amazing resources within our group.
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